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Why Should You use the Laravel Framework to Create an E-commerce Website?

25 November 2022
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The world of eCommerce is getting more competitive than before. Today, as web developers, we ensure that your e-commerce website is perfect to leverage your B2B commerce and upscale your business in the most optimized manner. With the right technological framework, it helps to save time, promote the user experience and also ensure better eCommerce website management in the long run.

What is the Laravel Framework?


Laravel refers to a web application framework with elegant and expressive syntax. Laravel makes the development a less complicated process by easing common tasks used in most web projects such as authentication, sessions, and caching. The main aim of this framework is to make the development process a pleasing one for the developer without compromising the application functionality. Laravel provides powerful tools which are needed for large and robust applications. This framework has been following the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern and is based on the symphony.


The Laravel source code is hosted on GitHub and some of the features of Laravel are modular packaging systems with a dedicated dependency manager. This open-source PHP framework is licensed under the terms of MIT License and is easy to understand. Laravel incorporates the basic features of PHP framework like Yii, and Code Igniter and saves a lot of time to develop a website from scratch. The web application designed using this framework is more structured, secure, and pragmatic.

A business model that involves sales transactions being done on the web is referred to as eCommerce or electronic commerce. Without the need to call a human person to help with the order, users can purchase items, arrange for delivery and make payment on the same site. From clothing pieces to food items every big or small online shopping website follows this structure.


With a professional clean code structure, you can avoid stepping into scamming schemes and fraudulent activities. These are a few reasons why your end user may hesitate to use these sites to purchase their items. But some features like the purchase return policy and cash on delivery provide a better shopping experience to people. If you need such quality features, you will naturally need the Laravel framework to back you up. If you have noticed, today, even social media accounts are developed to be e-commerce websites. Such ecommerce websites have the platform and facility to sell a variety of items. An e-commerce website helps website owners to engage and communicate with their customers continuously. For this, the website must be functional so that the people monitoring the site have control over what has to be done in a seamless manner.


Why should use Laravel Framework in your ecommerce website?


Laravel is very useful for E-Commerce websites for many of the following reasons that we have listed below. When you consider eCommerce, there is a lot of data flow, and visitor engagement, and this cannot tolerate a hitch anywhere at any point.


Ease of high scalability:


There is a constant need to introduce new products when you are engaged in the eCommerce business. In addition to this, it is essential to keep a track of suppliers and related inventories to the online stores. For catering to the needs of a growing customer base, some scalable app solutions are required. Laravel can create a quick and professional B2B site as well as a full-fledged eCommerce platform while introducing a host of advanced features. This feature includes password reset and encryption, due to its comprehensive preinstalled authorization libraries. Also, third party packages like ‘Socialite ‘ helps to provide the website with various functionalities.


Flexibility remains the key:


Laravel provides flexibility as the eCommerce platform package involves a practical shopping cart which facilitates smooth web store management. Laravel offers the primary code which comes pre-set with the basic functionalities of products, carts, payment gateways, and services. You can design your own workflows thus helping to take control over existing developmental tasks as well as make room for future operations. You will get your online store up and running quickly with no constraints.


Omnichannel support:


Laravel is known to extend a complete omnichannel eCommerce experience that highly optimizes your online shop performance. By integrating all physical and digital stores, you can build an advanced omnichannel e-commerce network with Laravel. Ecommerce packages for Laravel help to reduce your coding time and the effort needed for a basic online store. This package boosts and streamlines developmental jobs and also offers a pre-ready baseline for developers to build an advanced omnichannel eCommerce platform.


Smooth migration options:


As a dynamic open-source platform, Laravel provides flawless and straightforward migration from any other platform. While making an initial Small start, the system enables you to scale up over time for any eCommerce business. This means at any point in the future you can expand the eCommerce store with additional advanced features. By using its horizontal scalability, developers can rapidly and easily enhance the website’s capacity.


Facilitating easy testing and maintenance:


It is easy and quite possible to perform unit testing and debugging with Laravel. By applying the framework’s PHP unit, it is possible for the developers to easily validate the code and database. This ensures that your store is bug free. MVC architecture that separates presentation and logic, clean code, and OOP principles helps for the easy maintenance of the website for other teams. The unit tests ensure that new changes will not harm the website and helps in streamlining your ecommerce business.

One of the difficult challenges for companies is maintaining the protection of an e-commerce store. High level protection should be ensured as the store involves multiple payment gateways, storage of sensitive data, etc. For protection against coding-related threats such as SQL and XSS injections, Laravel offers specialized security tools. Also by using the Bcrypt hashing algorithm developers can create encrypted passwords. Laravel provides both server security and application security. Its built-in system compares the request to one saved in the users’ session and the unfit request will not proceed for further actions.


Easy third party integration:


Your eCommerce store definitely requires third party integration to organically grow over a period of time. Laravel framework provides clean APIs for integration with payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, etc. Third party systems can be easily added to your site with the help of various analytics and marketing tools. The development team cares about these necessary APIs. Laravel is a strong contender if your website needs a payment system or an automated marketing platform.


Generate an SEO- friendly website:


For ensuring success in the eCommerce business domain, SEO friendly framework is crucial in today’s business environment. The Laravel framework helps you to create search engine optimization (SEO) – friendly URLs. It is possible to access and index your ecommerce website with this quickly. The search engine can display your content to relevant users after the website gets indexed, which in turn brings traffic to your web application. With advanced SEO tools, Laravel eCommerce users can target local and global markets and make it easier for consumers to integrate SEO activities into their eCommerce platform.


To conclude, for those who aspire to have your eCommerce websites, there is a huge scope of more than 25 trillion world market share. These numbers are growing as people love to shop online and you can get a Laravel backed website to bring forth high performance websites.