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How To Increase Traffic To Your Online Store

28 July 2022
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As a new eCommerce website development, Dubai, is popping up all of the time, set your business up for success in this increasingly competitive marketplace. The main thing is to work on driving traffic to your online store by planning some long period tasks and also something that can be executed on the fly. 


If you don’t drive traffic to your online store, sales can just be in your dream. All online stores rely on foot traffic to make sales and how you can drive traffic to your online store is the question to discuss. 


Driving traffic to your online store is a real challenge people face when running an online store. It is the traffic that marks the beginning of the sales funnel and the average visit conversion rate is the number of visitors turning into purchasers.


It’s no secret to earn more consumers shopping online than ever before and it is tough to get the attention you need to drive traffic and revenue. The real solution is something that is easier to implement without spending a dime on paid ads.


No matter whether you are new or you’ve been around for a while, the ways to increase traffic are many unique. You can reach each of them. 


 A few things are to be considered before moving on to increased sales. The first is to organise your website so the shoppers can easily navigate your site and add a prominent “Shop Now” or “Start Shopping” button that leads customers. The services you offer have to be clearly mentioned on your homepage. Specifically catering to a unique group of customers needs compelling content that’s fun, interesting and informative, also make sure there are no typos! In the current visual age, high-quality product photography is a must and is “very” and “extremely” influential in the consumers purchasing decisions. The products you offer should proudly stand over quality and make sure they accurately and appropriately characterise your product. Now your website is ready to work on increasing the traffic and converting it into more sales. 


Mobile application development companies in Dubai explain that E Commerce means there’s a lot of competition and there is a lot of demand for purchasing products online. To have a competitive edge over your competitors, the ads are an amazing way to drive traffic. Both paid and unpaid ads work, but the paid ones are also an easy way to throw money at a problem without actually increasing sales. It is always better to opt for some more budget-friendly ways to drive traffic.



We’ve created a list of effective tips to use to significantly increase website traffic. 


Reach out to social influencers


This has been the popular sales strategy of web development companies in Dubai, through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. The influencers are trend creators and can even change the game by taking the lead. The influencers build their popularity and network taking advantage of the social movement to drive traffic to your online store. Before choosing the influencer for your product or service, check whose followers are your target customers. You can directly ask some of your customers who they follow for ideas and inspiration. The influencer strategy together with some keyword ideas in mind and social hashtags. Once you are into the game, talk to them about your products and send them some free samples. Offer a specific discount for their followers and offer a revenue share if their followers use the code and buy your products. 


A referral program really works


Leads that come from referrals convert more than any other marketing method for your e-commerce store. Start it and don’t have to elaborate taking the GetResponse as a credit for every person you refer to the software.  Offer vouchers to existing customers for each customer they bring on. 


Host a sales campaign


When shopping online, the best prices can attract customers. Creating the right sales campaign is a good deal to bring in more customers even if the campaign is planned just in time for no particular reason, people will respond. Some campaign ideas include offering a competition because people love being rewarded. Each visitor can be offered free shipping or a coupon that motivates them to enter your site and shop. The coupon should be made available only on your website which is also a surefire way to lure guests in and can ensure that more visitors will come your way for shopping. A sense of urgency like a flash sale, or free shipping until, a huge upcoming sale is sure to drive visitors to your site and a countdown clock on your website for a particularly exciting event will motivate the customers to re-enter your website. The buy one gets one deal makes the customers more inclined to buy or at least will come to check out the website to see what this deal is all about. Proper promotion is a necessity with the sale, as promotion is a huge sign out front screaming “SALE NOW.” Conduct your marketing efforts via social media, email marketing, or other efforts as promotion through ads is termed to be the success of sales.


Pinterest Marketing


Pinterest is a social media platform and people search here who have disposable income where this platform is a great place to showcase your products and use pins to drive traffic right back to your site. There are relevant group boards with several contributors who can add pins to leverage other users, followers and traffic sources. Do thorough research on the board’s rule before joining as some boards need you to contribute a certain minimum number of pins per week. Boards can be self-created on your own profile but be sure to pin consistently on each board to keep driving traffic to them. Boards, pins and usage of relevant keywords 

may attract your audience, but the keywords are to be set with their behavioural pattern and that might have a chance searching for. So the website design agency, Dubai, tells you that keywords do the important work and that’s why you should create a detailed keyword plan to make the most of organic traffic.