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Google Ranking Elements That Are Critical For SEO

30 June 2022
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Over the past few months, we have spoken a lot about the various SEO factors that have a strong role in influencing content and the ranking of a website. We can’t help by chewing the fat as Search Engine Optimization is powerful beyond just words. Unless you use it on your website, online business, and social media pages, you cannot take the benefit of this to the fullest. With the assistance of the top SEO company in Dubai like our SEO and digital marketing team, we have been able to churn out exemplary results for our clients in the past few years. You have the same opportunity.


With over 2 billion websites going live and generating content today, how do you think you can stand from them? Well, if you see the Google Searches, only 100 of them can be listed on the first page. That is how hard the competition is for all the businesses today. So, SEO is your magic wand to be noticed, get queries, get leads and make sales finally. Now, in case you are a newcomer to the world of digital marketing or like to learn something more, you are most welcome to this blog. We give weekly insights on various aspects of what has to be looked into when thinking about charting the right content for any online platform. Only when the SEO is done right, we will be able to crawl and help Google to find value in our website. Today, if you want to beat the competition and want to be placed on page one of the Google search engine rankings, our full-fledged team can place the right SEO elements so that you get ranked at the top in the Dubai searches.


Mobile Responsive Content


Gone are the days when we rely on just large personal computers to visit a website. Today, if you approach n good SEO agency in Dubai, you need to ensure that the website is responsive for the mobile and the desktop also. This means that your audience can spend time on the website on any smart gadget that uses the internet. Google gives more weightage to such websites that are mobile responsive, as they have a large proportion of the Google users who use the mobile for their day-to-day activities. For instance, if you have a hardware store, it can be easily spotted via Google Maps. Then people can also click on the link to the website. Now, they would be doing this from their smartphone. If your hardware store website is not developed for the mobile interface, then the final audience will have a hard time trying to open, scroll, ask a query or even understand your products and services. This will make them get out of the website or bounce out. The more bounces a website gets, Google flags the website as a bad one. So, get mobile responsive websites from now on.


The EAT element 


We are not talking about eating food, but a term that holds the essence of quality SEO today on Google. E stands for expertise, A stands for Authoritativeness and T stands for Information Accuracy. To start with, the EAT is not a direct contributor to SEO, but it is one of the core elements that helps to prove to Google, that the website is worth listing and ranking on the first page. When working as the top SEO company in Dubai and many of our clients on the global front, we ensure that the content we create is in sync with the Google algorithm.


Today, if you write for a website, or place any landing page content, it should be top quality, and not fluff or copy work from any other resembling websites. If your website signals some positive impact for the people, Google will love to pick it up and crawl it to the first page.


Content Presentation Quality


Just as much the content needs quality, even the structure of the content needs quality. This means that the website should have a balanced spectrum of textual and visual content. As the top team in web designing and web development in Dubai, we execute a smooth flow on every page. From the landing pages to the Contact Form, and creative chatbots, we merge the right fonts, colour gradients, icons, call to action, and more. Plus, the website flow is clear, so that people know how to navigate and find their way without getting stuck. For good SEO content, we have applied the right tags, alt tags, descriptions for each image, video, and more. Even we craft page URLs in a way that it ranks in the searches.


Rank Brain


Heard about the RankBrain? Being the most result-oriented SEO agency in Dubai, we update the Google search ranking elements frequently. RankBrain uses AI and machine learning to understand what a user actually wants. So, if they search for anything, Google will try to understand the intent of their search, dive deep and find all the connected websites’ content that may give an answer. This goes to prove that keywords in your content are not the only factor for ranking today. You can craft the keyword in a grammatically correct manner and still be able to rank. The idea is to give relevant, useful information that connects with the searches of people. So, if you have the right answers, and your web page has been repeatedly picked by viewers, Google will automatically rank you higher.


User Experience and Site Architecture


We have talked a lot about SEO content. At this point, we like to dwell on the technical side of SEO. We enhance the quality of SEO with beautiful UX designs that add authority to our works. One of the factors of a good SEO website is that people will love to stay on and browse through the pages for a long time. Plus, we add strategic inbound links that help people to navigate smoothly. If you can also add links from more authoritative websites, its adds value. When Google sees your website links to good websites, it means you have supported your information with data and that is a valid SEO factor for Google.


Get the HTTPS right


HTTPS is your security signal for Google. Google introduced the 2014 HTTPS condition long back, but still, websites do not follow it to the fullest. Of course, if you do not have this certification, it will, not cause any problem for your website. But if you want to get ranked on Google, this is a must-have condition.


We are focusing on Google because this is the largest search engine today that helps to connect people from any corner of the world. If you are able to secure your customer base from Google, then it means that you are in for a steady flow of profits. When we focus on being the best SEO company in Dubai, it means that we ensure that your website is considered legitimate as per the Google conditions. If your HTTPS is not seen on the URL, then Google will flag your website and that prevents your ranking eligibility.


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