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Common Mistakes Companies Make When Promoting on Instagram

18 January 2024
Common Mistakes Companies Make When Promoting on Instagram

This widely used visual platform is gaining great significance in the realm of digital marketing, offering substantial benefits to businesses that leverage it effectively. But Instagram advertising must be done correctly if you want to succeed, and avoiding the top five blunders is not that difficult to do. Within the realm of social media, marketers are well aware that change is constant and they can rely on it. What was considered the best approach last year might now be deemed a mistake, encompassing everything from algorithms and APIs to features and optimal posting times.


1.Ignoring your analytics

Marketing professionals frequently make the mistake of neglecting or underutilizing their data on social media. You can get amazing data from Instagram, both for individual posts and for your entire account. The best approach to determine what is and is not working is to review your data. You should examine a post’s stats to determine why it performs well.


2.Not being social

Social media is a communication platform rather than a one-way broadcast. Unfortunately, overlooking the social aspect of social media is among the most frequent blunders made by businesses using it. You should invest the same amount of time in interaction as you do in content creation and publication as a marketer. Additionally, engage in dialogue with other companies to your fans to encourage interaction.

Every doubt, DM, mention, and comment you receive from your audience presents an opportunity to foster brand loyalty and a great audience experience.



3.Posting without a strategy

Numerous organizations recognize the relevance of a social media presence but often fail to consider the reasons. Are you trying to boost direct sales through Instagram or other platforms, create brand control in your market, or increase website traffic? Start with a single objective and a calculated plan of action to reach it. In this manner, you’ll have a benchmark for all of your decisions and a means of gauging the effectiveness of your labor.


4.Not using the newest features

Quick-thinking marketers stand to gain more reach, quicker growth, and improved engagement. There’s an even greater chance that they will appear on the Discover page. Instagram reels are now the primary medium, taking the role of Instagram stories and Instagram TV (IGTV). Now is the perfect opportunity to switch to a video-first approach, if you haven’t already.


5.Posting landscape content

If the purpose of your Instagram content (whether it is pictures or videos) is to attract attention and stop viewers mid-scroll, you should only be publishing vertical content. On mobile devices, 92.1% of internet usage takes place. To engage users, you want your content to occupy as much vertical real estate as possible. Half the space is occupied by a landscape (horizontal) photo or video compared to a vertical one!



6.Ignoring Trends

Trends aren’t limited to Gen Z and influencers. Not suggesting that brands take advantage of every instant marketing opportunity that would make people cringe. However, social media marketers need to stay up to date on Instagram trends so they can modify their content according to the voice and target demographic of their brand.

For example, it’s usually a good idea to use pop culture reaction GIFs and share screenshots of tweets (with credit). Both are long-lasting Instagram phenomena in which marketers may readily join.


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Building and nurturing your Instagram presence relies on maintaining a consistent approach to content posting and audience interaction. Elevate your brand’s visibility and engagement through a harmonious blend of promotional posts and regular content. Invest in top-notch visuals, include compelling calls to action, and strike a balance that resonates with your audience. Leverage Instagram’s insight tool and integrate strategic, niche hashtags to boost content discoverability. Consider collaborating with influencers, and explore diverse content formats to achieve optimal results in cultivating an authentic and thriving Instagram presence.




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