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Top 10 AI SEO Tools That Simplify Your SEO Workflow

22 December 2023
Top 10 AI SEO Tools That Simplify Your SEO Workflow

Enhancing your website through search engine optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective way to boost its visibility. However, the process includes activities like researching keywords and building internal links, tasks that can become laborious and time-intensive when undertaken independently.



1.Surfer SEO

Surfer is an AI SEO software that improves content planning and creation workflow. It helps simplify tasks such as competitor research, keyword optimization, writing, and content auditing. This tool provides real-time quality and keyword usage analysis, making the SEO content creation process more efficient. In addition, it integrates with Google Docs and Jasper, resulting in a seamless workflow between different applications.


Core Elements

  •     Terms assistant: Automatically add keywords to your content with a single click using the terms assistant, a machine-learning feature.
  • Website audit and analysis: Users can review their previous content to identify SEO opportunities by examining keyword usage, backlinks, and sentiment through natural language processing (NLP).
  • Content Score analysis: Surfer quickly assesses your content quality compared to competitors, providing a straightforward analysis at a glance.



2.  Market Brew

MarketBrew is a tool that helps users predict where their web pages will rank in search results before they are published. It examines various data, such as Google Analytics, keywords, and organic traffic patterns.


Core Elements

  • A/B testing: Users have the option to employ various SEO tactics to determine which one produces more favorable outcomes.
  •   SEO Teams: This integrated CRM solution empowers users to oversee testing environments, data, and optimization tasks through a unified dashboard.
  • Algorithmic radar chart tool: MarketBrew offers a visual overview of a website’s on-page and technical SEO performance, presenting insights derived from various factors to facilitate easier analysis.



3.  Keyword Insights

Keyword Insight is an ideal choice for users seeking a user-friendly AI-driven SEO tool for content planning. It enables you to generate keywords effortlessly through a simple prompt and automatically organizes them using natural language processing.


Core Elements

  •     Keyword discovery: Users can enter their seed term, location, and language to quickly generate hundreds of keywords using their metrics.
  •   Actionable clustering insights: KeywordInsights highlights the most relevant keyword from each topic cluster to improve the content production process.
  •     Intent analysis: It aids in accurately identifying and categorizing the search intent of keywords from search engine results pages (SERPs) through continuously advancing machine learning algorithms.


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Frase is an easy-to-use AI SEO software designed for beginners. It provides a simple interface for planning, creating, and optimizing content. Just enter your post’s title, and it will automatically analyze the content of top-ranking competitors.


Core Elements

  • Content brief generator: Frase creates content briefs by analyzing top-ranking Google articles, allowing users to easily incorporate them into their articles with a single click.
  • Performance analytics: The dashboard, based on Google Search Console, allows users to effortlessly monitor content performance and discover new keyword opportunities.
  • SERP data enrichment: Individuals can collect domain authority and backlink analysis data from search engine results pages (SERPs) to formulate more comprehensive strategies.



5.SE Ranking

SE Ranking stands out as a top-notch AI-driven tool designed to formulate a strong on-page and off-page optimization plan. It offers extensive toolkits for keyword analysis, backlinks, competitor evaluation, search traffic, and the assessment of social media performance.


Core Elements

  • Page Changes Monitor: This feature monitors alterations in both your content and that of your competitors, facilitating the monitoring of SEO performance.
  •       Website auditor: Within a unified dashboard, users have access to essential performance metrics for their website, encompassing core web vitals, crawled pages, and overall health scores.
  •       Index Checker: SE Ranking helps you check if search engines have correctly indexed your web pages to ensure they appear in search engine results.



6. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is an AI SEO tool that comes with a blog ideas generator, post outline builder, and content writer. Easily create a complete blog post by dragging and dropping suggested headings and entering your keywords.


Core Elements

  •   AI writing suite: GrowthBar supports various content formats, spanning chat messages, product descriptions, and press releases.
  • AI meta description generator: With GrowthBar, you can effortlessly generate comprehensive SEO-optimized meta descriptions by simply adding a few words.
  • Keyword ranking tracker: Users can track thousands of keywords across multiple websites in real-time to develop a more effective SEO strategy.



7.Neuron writer

NEURONwriter is an SEO tool that includes a text editor, and document manager and integrates with third-party software such as Google Search Console, WordPress, and various web browsers.


Core Elements

  •       Built-in document management: The content calendar displays tasks and their statuses to enhance collaboration efficiency.
  •     AI templates: AI templates help you create content easily with basic input, such as product descriptions, article intros, and email messages.
  •   Content idea suggestions: NEURONwriter suggests topics as you write, drawing from competitors’ headers, user search queries, and YouTube videos.



Serpstat is an easy-to-use AI SEO tool that provides in-depth analytics on website performance. It goes beyond standard SEO metrics, allowing you to monitor traffic distribution, SERP historical data, and market share changes.


Core Elements

  • Keyword extraction: This feature allows users to input competitors’ content and instantly extract key keywords for tracking or analysis.
  • AI editor and proofreader: Serpstat’s AI tool identifies plagiarism, automatically generated content, grammar errors, and misspellings.
  •   Batch Analysis tool: Analyzing multiple domains and keywords at the same time improves workflow efficiency for users



Outranking, a top AI SEO tool for content marketers, streamlines content optimization strategies. It enables users to analyze keywords, build topic clusters, and create content silos—all within one tool.


Core Elements

  •       AI Content Wizard: AI can create a detailed plan for long-form content, including meta title, meta description, and headings.
  •       Information extractor: Accelerate your writing process by automatically collecting research materials, information, and reviews from your sources.
  •       Keyword heatmap: The Heat Map feature provides a summary of topics and keyword competition, aiding in the identification of potential ranking opportunities.



DiiB is a freemium tool powered by artificial intelligence, designed for SEO and traffic analysis. It enables you to formulate a personalized growth strategy to track crucial metrics influencing your page’s ranking, such as keywords, backlinks, and competitor strategies.


Core Elements

  • RankGuard: Regularly checks Google keyword rankings and offers suggestions to enhance position
  •       Issues alerting: DiiB notifies users of possible problems like unexpected traffic decreases, backlink spam, and security breaches, empowering them to respond promptly.
  •       Snapshot: Users receive a weekly or monthly summary of their content and competitors’ SEO data to simplify regular site audits.












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