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Top Emerging Social Media Platforms of 2023

27 September 2023
Top Emerging Social Media Platforms of 2023

Social media is molding the modern world today. Social media empowers individuals to build and sustain relationships, links them to people holding opposing viewpoints, and helps them build a massive personal brand empire.



Customers we surveyed had raised the usage of BeReal BY 313%, which has been driven by enthusiasm. The developing platform offers users a single chance to take an image of themselves wherever they are without a filter within a few timeslots set aside by the app each day, grew the most among the social sites we looked at, from being used by about 07% of the population to 2.8%. Usage from only this age group increased by a staggering 1200%, from 1% to 13%.


 BeReal showed the biggest potential for growth because it was the most recent social network we inquired about in our polls. However, given the number of companies attempting to duplicate its idea, it runs the risk of becoming just another popular social networking site that is ignored or overlooked.



Live services have been enabled and tried on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, twitch continues to be the best option for watching long-form live content.

Although it may not appear like a natural social platform because most users only watch videos there rather than uploading or interacting with them, it is still complete with other social networks that have introduced live video copies.

Thanks to Gen Z and Baby Boomers, Twitch usage has increased by 29% since our initial poll, increasing from 7% to 9% of all customers. This growth was driven by Gen Z, whose Twitch usage increased from 13% to 17%. Boomers are participating as well. While more than 3% use the platform today, only 0.3% did this in May 2022.  


3. LinkedIn

Between May and January, among the customers we polled, LinkedIn gained 20%, helped by boomers.  The platform is beginning to experience decreases with other age groups, though. Every other generation’s use of LinkedIn has modestly decreased, while among boomers, usage has increased by 85% from 11% to 20%.

Overall, we’re not very concerned about the minor dips because LinkedIn will continue to be a useful combination of social networking and utility that job seekers and recruiters will use to bolster their portfolios for years to come.


4. Twitter

Despite changes in leadership, Elon Musk’s contentious takeover, and company-wide adjustments, Twitter’s social media platform continues to have a sizable user base and has increased by 7% within our target demographic of consumers.

 Although it’s still hard to predict how Twitter will develop and function in the future, especially for marketers, here’s a helpful suggestion on developing and keeping audiences and followers that might boost ROL for your company.


5. Instagram

It should come as no surprise that Instagram is popular among people of all ages, the customer’s usage increased by 6% from May to January. The channel may be losing part of its Millennials while it continues to attract GenZ and boomer’s attention. Here are a few quick facts.

Instagram usage among American adults has increased by 6% since May to over 45%. Instagram climbed by 11 % among Gen Z and by 53% (from 18% to 27%) among boomers. Instagram usage among millennials decreased by 17% from 65% to 54%.


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Social media is one of the progressive trends of our time. Only specific demographics are catered to by some of these new sites. The social network sector is fiercely competitive, with some of the biggest corporations on earth operating in space.

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