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Why Did Your Google Business Profile Get Suspended?

28 June 2023
Why Did Your Google Business Profile Get Suspended?

On the violation of any of Google’s policies, obviously, your Google My Business profile will get suspended. Multiple or severe violations including but not limited to spammy or fake information, content that does not support or is against Google’s policies, impersonation, etc can be the few reasons for Google My Business profiles to get suspended. If any such violation occurs and the profile gets suspended, the initial action is to correct the violations and the profile has again been submitted for review.


Google My Business Suspension – Overview


How will you identify the suspension of the Google My Business profile? It happens in no time when suddenly your profile goes out of control without getting found on Google Search and Google Maps, moreover completely lost out of leads, clicks and even reviews. Unless and until you are regularly monitoring your business profile, the suspension of the same will never come to your notice. Google My Business profile suspensions are of two types, soft and hard suspensions. In the case of soft suspension even after disabling you from the list but you will still be visible on search without letting you do any more edits. No verification will be provided for your listing and will be marked as at risk for removal. 


Now, on the other hand, hard suspension removes you from the entire listing without being available on either Google Search or Google Maps, moreover, an additional risk accompanies that you are more likely to lose your reviews forever. Google is never intended to make your business lives miserable but wants to ensure an ideal setup providing accurate and trustworthy search results. To achieve the same Google has strict rules that are becoming difficult for business owners to follow many times. 


You can be a detective and determine the cause for the suspension of your profile. Here are the five reasons why your Google Business Profiles are getting suspended.


Address violations


The Google Business profiles have certain constraints to be satisfied in order to have the address eligible on the go. Together not having permanent signage and not seeing the customers are counted as an address violation. If you are going to customers for doing the work and have only a service business area, then the address should be mentioned in the GBP. On Google Maps, viewing the residence will give your profile a suspension in no time. Any address violations will be eventually caught up.


Profile subjected to frequent changes


A suspension can be triggered if you tend to edit the core information once provided in GBP. Editing key areas may make the profile suspicious, so any changes in major fields should have a long and hard thought. 


Keyword stuffing in your business name


It won’t be a good idea to add an extra something to your business name. It would make you rank higher, but the profile gets simply suspended. Only the exact business name should hold the place and no other words. No short-term gains are worth the suspension risk your GBP happens to experience.


No two businesses should have the same location and contact 


Two businesses sharing the same location and phone number is not acceptable to Google. This criterion only prevents multiple businesses originating in the home-based address and more than one business created in a single business address. Gaming the system is not possible to get higher rankings as Google is never interested in people setting up more Business Profiles to try and get higher rankings.


Your violations getting reported


If someone reports your activity to Google directly, then definitely your account would get suspended. 

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