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What Are The Essential Services Provided By SEO Company in Dubai?

15 February 2021
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Today, SEO is an indispensable part of marketing your business online. It is one of the most important digital marketing techniques, and it is evident by the fact that almost 55% of businesses associate with professional SEO companies in Dubai to promote their business.

But, before you hire an SEO agency in Dubai, it is important that you know more about the services they provide. It is necessary that you have a comprehensive knowledge of the different kinds of services offered by a company.

Keep reading to find out about the essential services provided by an SEO company, and what to expect when you hire one.

What are SEO Services?

To avail quality SEO services that match your business requirements, you can approach a top SEO company in Dubai. With SEO, you can increase your visibility in search results, while specifically focusing on your user interests.

Essential SEO Services That Your Agency Should Provide

Now that you know how important is SEO for your business, let us look into the most important SEO services your agency should provide. While each agency is different from one another, you should make sure that the agency you want to partner with offers all these services.

SEO Audit

SEO audit is an essential part of any company’s SEO service. It is during this step that your SEO agency will make an in-depth analysis of the strategy required for your business. Your service provider will evaluate your website from an SEO perspective to find out how it could be optimized. Even though you can do it with free SEO audit tools, the insights provided by a team of SEO specialists is always the best. Thus, the SEO audit is an important step, and if your agency doesn’t conduct one, it indicates a lack of preparation. Without an SEO audit, there won’t be proper planning and creation of a custom strategy for your business. The best SEO strategies are tailored to your brand and audience.

Competitor Analysis

Even if you have a niche business, competitor analysis is important. With specialized tools, your SEO consultant Dubai can discover online and offline competitors of your business. This stage helps in creating the perfect strategy for you, helping you take advantage of the competitors’ weaknesses, and prepare to compete against their strengths.

While competitor analysis is an essential step, it is an initial step of most agencies, but you have to make sure that your partner company has this step as a regular part of their strategy – so that they assess competitors on a continuous basis, always being aware of opportunities.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is another important aspect of a successful SEO plan. Through this process, your SEO agency optimizes the different features of your website to make it friendly to search engines. Mostly, on-page optimization makes up a significant part of the total SEO services. Thus, it is an important service, and you should make sure that your agency offers good quality on-page optimization. You can ask your agency if they:

Audit your website’s information architecture, and work with internal linking and redirections.
Optimize the images on your website following the best SEO practices.
Update meta descriptions, title tags, and other search-related content.
Create a sitemap for your website.
Analyze the speed, design, and usability of your website
Conduct keyword research and optimize your website with relevant keywords.

Off-page Optimization

This is one of the SEO services that you should definitely make sure of if your agency offers. Because off-page optimization refers to working on important factors outside your website that influence your ranking. For instance, off-page optimization includes using backlinking to other websites to improve your search engine relevance. So, ask your SEO agency if they:

  • Will be optimizing your Google My Business profile
  • Promote your website to other bloggers and webmasters
  • Develop content for your website blog, that is
  • Monitor complete off-page activities like your presence
    across social media, and your relevance among users and influencers.

Custom Strategy

Developing a custom strategy is the backbone of a successful SEO project. By having a personalized approach to your business, you can have the maximum results from SEO. These results translate to more visits, orders, and calls, thereby more return on your investment (ROI). Thus, you need to make sure that your agency provides a custom strategy before you partner with them.

It is important that you choose the best SEO company in Dubai for your business as there are many SEO companies that offer cheap SEO services, and deliver copy-paste or cookie-cutter strategies. With these approaches, your business doesn’t get the maximum ROI, and in most cases, you don’t rank on the SERPs.

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