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Tips For Optimising Your Ecommerce Strategy For Mobile Shopping

05 September 2023
Tips for optimising your ecommerce strategy for mobile shopping

Online purchasing is a new kind of behaviour for our customer base, even though the transition from offline to online purchasing was quick and forced, now they are used to it and many still get to stick to the same. If this is the pace the customers get on with, to avoid in-store purchases and focus on online purchasing, then the eCommerce market would see additional growth soon. 

In the current year, the competition in the eCommerce market is tough when more and more consumers are taking a shift towards online mode of purchasing. The point is when a customer visits a website, they should get attracted in the next second, which makes your eCommerce business stand out. So keeping the homepage attractive lies the first open-court strategy for a successful business online. So, design your homepage from the best mobile app development company in Dubai to draw the attention of customers and then automatically convert visitors which would happen in its way.


ECommerce Optimisation Tips


1.Keep your product list updated


The trends in the eCommerce sector are always subject to change very quickly. It is more likely to face a steep drop-off in traffic if you don’t update the product and landing pages frequently, taking your eCommerce business to a deep danger. The key focus of eCommerce site optimisation is critically on the landing pages and the same would right make the first impression as well. The optimisation is duly careful here as these are the areas on your website where the audience will more a lot hang on with. Don’t let your bounce rate go through the charts without optimising the product page and the landing page. So, how would you readily achieve this mesmerism between the landing page and the product page? We tell you a few of the techniques:

  • Try to include more offers: The easy method to incite customers with interest is to add special offers. 
  • Primary attention always goes on the Best-sellers: Curate your best-selling products so as to get the shoppers to have a better and right view on the go and thereby also value and demand an excellent presentation as well. 
  • Keep the reviews with the product: A great way to improve your ecommerce conversion rate is to put in something that would make people buy your product. People check reviews on your site for each product of their preferences, and keeping reviews would tend to generate more trustworthiness as well. Brands would take a better reach with the approach of word-of-mouth, as people’s opinion matters a lot more in one’s decision of purchasing. 
  • A good quality image values better: Placing a high-quality image of the product keeps your customers on the track of informed purchase and such showcasing would render a totally different angle in helping the buyers.
  • Better testing, A/B testing: A/B testing tests set the focus on-page elements based on the different plugins that convert more visitors into buyers with the help of different versions. 


2.Keep a hold on Responsive Design


Make your website suit different screen sizes and resolutions with a highly edible responsive design. Keeping the possibility to access a site from your mobile device will add an add-on to the responsive feature, making it easy for the customers to browse and shop. When smartphones become the prominent platform for more and more people to access the internet, a positive user experience comes along the way with a mobile-friendly website and they would essentially stay competitive in the industry. A responsive design sets a whole lot of the betterment of the search results and improves the website’s search engine rankings, especially on mobile-friendly sites that Google favours while among the search engines. It might also cause the landing page to be attractive enough and thereby the users might likely spend more time there and gradually preferably move on to the next step as well. Ultimately, an eCommerce store makes the users spend time there and gradually on to the positive impact and the sales through this channel could even cause your conversion rate to take a hike. User experience can be further enhanced with a custom eCommerce store for your business structure which could be easily developed to perfection with the help of efficient professionals. By doing so, you get easy access to the account information and tend to offer customers a more convenient and personalised shopping experience. Moreover, it gets attractive with features such as push notifications and in-app messaging as well. 








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