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PWA – The Future of Web Development

12 November 2020

In the fast-growing e-world, it is necessary to regularly update skills to become a pro web designing company in Dubai. To keep up with the changes, a company needs to adapt to the new technologies in the industry.

The frequent innovations a web design agency Dubai faces help them find possibilities to jump over common trends. It is necessary for a company to stay on top of all the advancements to provide the best service to its clients. Let us look deeper into one such revolution in web development, Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Why is PWA the new face of Website Development?

Customers approaching web development companies in Dubai to design a website are expecting a unique website with the potentials to improve their business and services. It is the duty of each company to explore new digital capabilities to meet client demands. Among those up-to-the-minute strategies comes the most effective and innovative idea of progressive web application or PWA. You may probably have quite a number of doubts regarding its functionality and its need for your business website. The following are the major concepts and ideas of PWA and its benefits more than a mere website.

What is PWA?

Is it possible to merge an application and website? If you say no, it’s up to the modern developers to say simply yes. The provision for running both a website and an app together is now possible with PWA. To make it more clear, application software can be delivered through the web. And it needs only common web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS – and can be used on both desktop and mobile devices.
Now, you would be confused about how it could work better than a native application. Read on to understand the unique performance qualities of PWA.

Enhanced User Experience through PWA

It’s a generally understood notion that web applications have been available for mobile devices from the beginning. Then what does PWA have to offer? So, we have to look into the differences or features of PWA for a better understanding. Even though web applications have been there in the ground, its function was limited to an extent due to its fewer features and being slower than native apps.

The top app development companies in Dubai have been bringing the quality and functions of web applications to the top by implementing PWA. Here are the top features of progressive web applications.

  • Enhanced user experience
  • High performance
  • Works offline
  • Push notifications
  • Icon on the phone’s home screen
  • Access to the phone’s sensor

The Major Potentials of PWA

PWA doesn’t need a separate build or distribution since it acts like a webpage or website. The user doesn’t need to install it and will these apps work on any browser. PWA is a cross-platform solution that enables easy access and progressive functions. The progressive web application includes various characteristics which include:

App-like performance: It’s far easier for users to use and follow updates through an app. The app-like feature gives a feeling of using an app and the style of interaction and navigation is the same as an app. To make it simple, it’s an in-built app for your website and fits the device that you use, for instance, desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.

Fast and progressive: It has progressive enhancement principles and works for every user. You don’t have to download the content and page elements frequently, while it works faster after initial loading for each time you use. Moreover, this can even work offline! Yes, it will work smoothly on low-quality networks. Because of the service worker update process, this will always appear up-to-date.

Installation and engagement ability: It is easy to use and you will be provided with a home screen icon without using an App store. And it always maintains engagement with the users through push notifications. Do you think of any better option than PWA which can easily be shared via URL, and doesn’t even need installation?

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