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What is cross platform development?

01 August 2023
What is cross platform development?


The necessity for Cross-platform development emerged as the code developed for one operating system could not be repurpose for other operating systems. The app developed for iOS cannot work on the Android platform as the code is not compatible. Thus, Cross-platform development is the development of software that can run seamlessly on different operating software like iOS and Android. As a result, the need to recode the device to accommodate a different OS has come to an end. It must be understood that both Native and cross-development platforms are different. Native apps are developed to run in a single operating system. It works on either iOS, Android, macOS, or Linux. Cross-platform software is software can run on all operating systems


The benefits of cross-platform development


Reduce developmental expenses: a cross-platform framework assists software developers in writing code to develop applications that can run on different systems. The developers save money and effort by creating applications that work on multiple platforms. At Webcastle, We have designed applications for different sectors and verticals like e-commerce, sports, fitness, online learning, auditing, and news for local and international clients.


Reach a wide audience


Cross-platform applications allow businesses to reach a larger audience. As users of different platforms can use these applications, the market is very large. Our well-designed apps have helped many clients gain a large market share for their businesses.


Improved user experience: The user experience is better in cross-platform applications. The applications can be designed to take advantage of the features of different platforms.


Challenges of Cross-platform development


Cross-platform development faces many challenges such as

Performance: Cross-platform applications face performance issues, unlike native applications. They are not optimized very well for specific platforms.

Compatibility issues: Cross-platform applications are not compatible with all gadgets and devices. As the devices have different hardware and software requirements, compatibility issues arise.

Complex development process: cross-platform development can be more problematic than native platform development.


The most popular Cross-platform frameworks are


React Native: Designed by Facebook, React Native enables programmers to create native applications using JavaScript.

Flutter: Designed by Google, Flutter enables developers to create native apps using Dart programming

Xamarin: Designed by Microsoft, Xamarin enables developers to create native mobile apps using C++.

Ionic: Ionic enables developers to create hybrid apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Webcastle offers cross-platform development services to build applications that run on different operating systems. Our experts decide on the best framework for a project depending on the specific requirements of the project. Contact Webcastle Media with any requirements





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