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Find the Best Social Media Channels for Business Success

14 December 2023
Find the Best Social Media Channels for Business Success

Social media platforms facilitate the generation, distribution, and interchange of content among billions of devices worldwide, serving a vast user base. Long-standing platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube have endured for decades, reshaping the landscape of advertising as they have grown. Originally early networks aimed to connect individuals and facilitate sharing. However, modern social media

Originally, early networks aimed to connect individuals and facilitate sharing. However, modern social media now emphasizes corporate communication and commerce.


Why use social media channels for business?


Used well, social media has become a powerful marketing tool for brands. It acts as an always open storefront, making the brand more relatable and offering tools for engagement across the customer journey. Since many key users spend a lot of time on these platforms, connecting with your audience here is the best way to reach them where they’re already active.

Using vast amounts of available data, businesses can utilize social media networks for precise campaigns that captivate potential customers, avoiding unnecessary spending and unlikely buyers. Information such as past purchases, location, interests, income, job role, and age allows for flexible content alignment and targeting. Platforms like Meta, LinkedIn, and TikTok offer tools to broaden this data, identifying customers who might not have been initially considered.


1.Meta: Facebook & Instagram


Facebook and Instagram are crucial to a brand’s social media plan, providing extensive reach and advanced targeting features. Together, they boast over 3 billion daily active users spanning various demographics. Their pixels gather data beyond their platforms, offering a more comprehensive view of users compared to other social media networks. Brands can use various ad formats on different devices and platforms, such as carousel ads and immersive stories.


The AI integrated into Meta can enhance ad delivery in numerous ways, adapting creative content, text, and placement based on numerous environmental factors. Meta provides comprehensive analytics tools that offer valuable insights into ad performance.This allows companies to refine their strategies for optimal results and discover new and unexpected audiences. With powerful retargeting capabilities, brands can re-engage users with different levels of interest, increasing the likelihood of purchase or conversion. Meta’s extensive user base and advanced tools make it a cost-effective choice for starting advertising on social media.


2.Twitter (X)


Twitter (X) directly connects to a worldwide audience exceeding 200 million active users, establishing itself as a formidable platform for enhancing brand visibility and encouraging interactive conversations. Despite facing challenges in the past year, it maintains a distinctive capability to facilitate real-time engagement and discussions. These options allow organizations to seamlessly integrate into users’ feeds and conversations. The aim is to create genuine interactions that contribute to building credibility and trust for brands. Similar to Meta, Twitter’s targeting tools assist marketers in reaching their desired audience by considering interests, behaviors, and demographics.




LinkedIn is the ideal platform for connecting with professionals through both organic and paid social media methods. This information is valuable for marketers, particularly those in B2B, as it enables them to target audiences that match their products or services. The platform lets marketers target specific job titles, industries, company sizes, locations, and more. This helps that content reaches decision makers crucial for making sales. With nearly a billion users globally, the platform encourages users to share extensive details about their professional experiences.


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Reddit is a great platform to connect with specific interest groups and seamlessly integrate your brand into real conversations. Although its Daily Active Users (DAU) are fewer than some other platforms, Reddit users are highly engaged in the topics they explore, making it an effective way to reach audiences further down the sales funnel. Reddit’s diverse subreddits cater to a wide range of interests, from cars to card collecting and more. This detailed approach sets it apart, even when compared to Meta. Reddit’s advertising tools are well-equipped to meet this diversity. While Reddit may not offer the same scalability as other networks for brands, its precision can make it a highly efficient advertising investment.


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