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5 Tips To Create Perfect Google Ad Campaigns In 2020

14 September 2020
Google ads

If you are new to digital marketing and are considering spending money on ads to reach your target audience, there is no better option than Google Ads. According to statistics, this is the place that has more than 3.5 billion daily interactions and promises an estimated 700% return on investment. Just think about Google’s expansive reach. There is a high chance that your potential customer sees or even clicks on your ads.


Well, it can be challenging to set up a Google Ads campaign, but a good Google AdWords company in Dubai can help you. Being a leading PPC company in Dubai, we are suggesting you 6 tips to create the perfect Google Ad campaigns in 2020.


Tips To Create The Perfect Campaigns


Add Re-targeting Audience


It is always a great idea to re-target your existing audience. You can add the re-targeting audiences as long as your website has enough traffic. When you do it, your ads are shown to the users that previously visited your website. This is a simple way to reach an audience that has already shown interest in your product or services. Also, this audience is more likely to convert than a regular audience. 

Make A List Of KPIs 


You should make a list of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) if you do not have one already. These are the metrics used to identify the results of your campaigns. Each business has different KPIs depending on their goals. For instance, if your target is to get more traffic to your website, your KPIs could be click-through-rates and clicks. If your goal is to get more downloads, the KPIs could be the cost per conversion, conversion rate, etc. 


Identify Low Performing KPIs


In order to gain profits that you aim for, it is important to think about the values you will gain from the ads. Determine whether they are worth your business. For example, if a person is downloading content from your website, what value does it provide you? By estimating this, you could get an idea about how much you should pay for it. That amount will be your target CPA, which is one of the KPIs. Along with this, you should constantly monitor other metrics like conversion rates, CPR, impression rate, etc. based on your history. Identify the low performing ones, and check upon them continuously. 


Add Negative Keywords


This is one of the best ways to stop wasted spend in your Google Ads account. As the search terms related to your ads are changing continuously, it is important to pick irrelevant ones and add them as negative keywords. You can have negative keyword lists for every campaign, as well as a list for your whole account. 


Check Your Bidding Strategy


There are two categories of bidding strategies on Google Ads – manual and automated. You can always change the bid strategy at the campaign level. There are pros and cons to both automated and manual bidding, and you may try any strategy that works for you. Automated bidding is less time consuming, and you can let the Google algorithm adjust bids for you based on their performance predictions. On the other hand, manual bidding allows you to decide which ad groups and keywords you like to adjust bids on.


Find Out A Google AdWords Certified Partner


Choosing a reliable Google partner in Dubai is one of the most important things to create perfect campaigns for your business. Google partner status is a prestigious award given to ethical businesses that meet certain criteria set by Google like – 

  • Having employees certified in Google AdWords
  • Have a competitive edge over peers
  • Account managers with up to date industry knowledge
  • Continuous growth and number of clients, etc.

So, make sure that you choose a Google Partner agency to get maximum results from your campaigns.


Why Choose WebCastle As Your Google AdWords Company In Dubai?


There are numerous reasons to choose WebCastle Technologies LLC as your Google AdWords agency in Dubai. First of all, WebCastle is a certified Google partner in Dubai. We have been providing PPC services in Dubai for over a decade, and over time have helped a wide variety of businesses around the world to lead the competition with Google AdWords campaigns. 


Furthermore, our experienced digital marketing team has deep knowledge about how to make the campaign work, with their birds-eye view of the industry. We are currently a leading PPC agency in Dubai that helps you stay ahead with our brand-new methods. Are you ready to target your audience with Google AdWords in Dubai? Give us a call now!

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