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4 reasons why your website has a high bounce rate

04 April 2023
4 Reasons why your website has a high Bounce Rate

Does a high bounce rate put you in trouble? Have you ever tried to find the cause for your high bounce rate? Do research the reason why is it causing and get tips for fixing a high bounce rate. 


A website done by a website designing company in Dubai with a high bounce rate indicates that the content is failing to keep the visitors engaged on the website. It may adversely affect the performance of the website too because how visitors search intent on finding what they’re looking for have a direct indication of the website performance. Having a better understanding of the visitor’s behaviour can help you in keeping the website’s bounce rate under control and avoid them bouncing from the website. 


Knowing everything about bounce rates would also help you with the same. Before getting on to how it works and how to do some betterment efforts, initially dive into its definition and then the typical mistakes you end up on while dealing with it. 


Bounce rate is an important metric that tells the percentage of visitors who leave your page in the first 10 seconds or after browsing or sticking to one single page. It can also be defined as a number that indicates the potential customers you lose. The higher the bounce rate means your website is telling the visitors that they have nothing here for them and that causes them to leave immediately without offering any interaction on the site. It is heavily dependent on the level of motivation your site can render and on the contrary, they don’t find it worth actively exploring your website. The ever-reducing attention spans and ever-expanding options online are the reason that makes customers feel less attracted towards what you offer and how it benefits their day-to-day lives. So, in order to convince the customer base and make them spend a lot on your site, make the first page or the landing page worth their time. It could be the initial step to reducing the bounce rate which would bring tremendous improvements to your business. 


Keeping visitors on your site for as much time as possible is the prime factor to keep hold of when running your website live. Visitors or customers or clients spending more time on the website means they are on their search for certain products, services or offers and these attempts would, in turn, bring you increased engagement and conversions. The visitors who intentionally leave your website without moving on to the second or subsequent pages or actions would cause bouncing and then would increase your site’s bouncing rate. It will definitely bring you a problematic and highly detrimental effect on your site and also the high bounce can be due to many reasons which need to be eliminated at once. 


Still, before all this, don’t you feel it necessary to know the reason why visitors leave immediately after arriving? Come let’s quench on to those first:


Slow Loading Page


Site speed is also on the concern list of Google and for this reason, a slow-loading page can cause a high bouncing rate and in turn affect your business. As Google’s ranking algorithm is always on the site speed because Google backs the contents that render a positive experience and less speed while loading is never a good experience but a poor experience. In the busy world, only fast-responding sites will get the right mileage and this same approach is also what Google considers for ranking. For the new-gen users’ the site needs to be loaded in no time, if not they might leave and go for another. Site speed is in the hands of marketing pros and incremental fixes on each foot can give you an incremental boost in the speed. Google also put forward many tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse reports, GTmetrix and so on to analyse the website’s loading speed. These tools help better to overcome the loading speed issue of your website and they offer you the right recommendations specific to your site. 


Self-Sufficient Content


The need for content is obvious by all means and the effect the content makes on you and your website is known after publishing it. Content is the main component of a website and delivering the same up to the right point can be a great thing. Only the content can inspire the visitors and make them stay on your site and serve with the expected engagement. To take a hit with the contents, the marketers suggest some blogs included in the site which could be a better chance for the visitors to get familiar with you, your site and your service. Content-based analytics offered by Google seems less likely to bounce and confirm your hypothesis so as to mention against the one with high bounce rates causing users to leave in droves. It is the information on the content that draws people to your site without skewing the results and then filtering for sessions that are greater than that.


Expectation mismatch


Your website pages talk about you and your services and the visitors are exactly expecting the same but in an attractive mode. The users get quick attention to these if you are on an advertising track and if it is paid, then no worries the result can be made to come your way by offering a link to your home page. So working to make it happen with the expectation of the users is termed to be very important. Leave all your secondary sections aside when the client is on air and focus on what they are looking for and how to make them buy your product. 


Technical issues 


To be specific, a high bounce rate makes your website suffer a bit and is definitely considered to be a technical snag. The reasons are a lot different and can even be due to the cause of malfunctioning plugins on your site preventing the users from accessing data. So do check for the excellent options in the search console so as to find the one to render the best experience. To come across the same issues as the users, check your site as a normal user and then you get to understand why the users are leaving your site as soon as they get in resulting in the high bounce rate. 


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