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Exploring Logo Diversity: Which Logo Type Best Suits Your Brand?

29 December 2023
Exploring Logo Diversity: Which Logo Type Best Suits Your Brand?

The choice of logotype to use, whether you’re a well-established business or a new startup, can determine how the public will experience and position your brand moving forward. Brand identity designs, including logos, can evoke both positive and negative responses, influencing the way people connect with a brand. Considering all kinds of logo design is essential for any designer, marketer, or company. It is a strategic toolset from which the ideal tool, a monogram, emblem, or wordmark can be selected to effectively convey the story of a business.



A wordmark, also known as a logotype, is the company name presented in specific colors, fonts, and typography to immediately capture attention. Consider eBay, for instance; it employs a distinctive font and typography in its wordmark that instantly engages viewers. As an e-commerce platform, eBay’s logo design effectively represents the company and provides consumers with a quick understanding of what to expect.


  • Short, concise names work best for brands with this kind of emblem. Therefore, if your business has one that is easily remembered, you ought to use a wordmark.
  • For an upcoming or newly established business in the market, a wordmark is also an excellent choice because it can aid in brand recognition.


2.  Lettermarks

The company’s letters or initials are the only features in a lettermark logo design. It thus becomes completely different from the wordmark, which only displays the letters rather than the entire name. Since lettermarks are also fairly simple, careful attention should be paid to the font, color scheme, and typography. If you are a business consultant or Corporate consider a few lettermarks, such as H&M, BBDO, and BBC.

  • When designing logos for law firms or advertising agencies, consider using lettermarks. This involves selecting the initials of partners or founders to create an impressive and personalized design
  • These logos are adaptable and work well for branding purposes on a range of print and digital media. To make sure that your unique brand symbol seems well across a variety of media, such as billboards, brochures, websites, and social media pages, it is advised to work with experienced graphic designers.


3.  Mascots

These are rather complex logos with a character illustration that can be utilized to represent a business or brand. Thus, visualize Mr. Peanut, the elegantly covered, active peanut grasping a cane. Planters, the company gained notoriety with this well-known move, and to this day, some consumers are only familiar with its brand thanks to the mascot.

  • If your target audience includes families and young children, having a mascot could be a great fit for your brand.
  • Opting for this option can also portray your company as approachable and lively.


4.  Emblems

An emblem includes the firm name or slogan in addition to a complex design. The majority of the time, educational institution logos appear as emblems on badges. Businesses may choose to use emblems to symbolize their heritage, customs, and history. Starbucks has one of the most well-known emblems, which features a siren or mermaid-wearing crown. It is claimed to have been influenced by a famous Italian figure.

  • You might choose this style of logo design if your firm is classic, such as a wine company. A range of logo design elements, including emblems, are also used to create craft beer logos.
  • Moreover, emblems can effectively convey your security company’s brand and appeal to the target market in each industry.


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5.  Combination Marks

Puma, Adidas, and Taco Bell are a few brands that use combination marks. Upon viewing each of these logos, you will observe how the emblem or picture enhances the overall design. The name of the restaurant and its creator has a strong connection to the bell in Taco Bell. Adidas and Puma have integrated images of strength and advancement into their emblems.

  • Selecting a combination mark for your business, regardless of the industry, allows you to provide your audience with a clear understanding of your brand.
  • You can mix two different logo forms efficiently if your brand is best represented by one of them, such as fashion companies’ logos or beauty logos.


In the realm of Branding, a logo goes beyond being a visual signal, it serves as the core symbol that defines a business. A well-designed and visually appealing logo is crucial for conveying your brand values to potential consumers and enhancing overall brand awareness. Take major global brands like Nike, Apple, and Burger King, for instance; they have effectively utilized pictorials, abstracts, and combination marks to establish widespread recognition. Users connect these brands with pleasant emotions and memories when they see their logos. Ultimately, choosing the correct kind of logo design is essential. Focus on selecting the right logo design from these seven to create a lasting impression for your company.


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