Odoo Development and Customization

Odoo / OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management, and Human Resources just to name a few.

Odoo Software Development and Customization in Dubai, UAE

Odoo customization, as per the requirements and needs of our customers, handles the fundamentals of businesses easily. WebCastle in UAE offers the world’s most popular open-source software solutions for any business of any size. Our expert Odoo software developers customise or modify the Odoo ERP software that makes the business run more efficiently and smoothly. Odoo development in Dubai and customisation allows it to meet the unique business needs and to fit the tastes, workflows and processes of the business. Since every business is different, Odoo can let you manage and track the different parts of a business.


Why Choose Odoo Customisation in Dubai?


Odoo customisation services in UAE help improve many parts of your business. You get to reap many benefits and change Odoo development in Dubai and ERP customisation software to fit your business’s needs. Such a move takes your business on a competitive track and provides an immensely efficient impact.  


To get the business processes customised

Every business is different and to make it run, each has different systems and processes. With the help of Odoo customization services in UAE, keep the disruptions minimum, increase productivity with reduced manual workarounds and ensure the software works well with these processes. 


High-end user experience

The experience of using software quickly and effectively plays a crucial role in productivity. Give the employees the tools they need to use by changing displays and features in Odoo. Our Odoo company in Dubai renders a personalised method and makes it fit and easier to find your way around according to your team’s tastes and habits. 


Gaining a Competitive Edge

In today’s work world, an optimised ERP helps you reach your goals. For a web design company to strive in this competitive world it’s essential to stand out. Odoo customisation allows your business to get a software solution that will give a clear edge over competitors and fit its needs correctly. 


Efficient Reporting and Data Management

Odoo software provider in Dubai put forward solutions with customised data entry fields and seamless interaction to make the analysis more user-friendly by giving access to accurate and up-to-date information. Updating the existing systems facilitates different types of views and helps people make better decisions. It ensures reliable data management by selecting the options available and making reporting at a cost of less time. 


Odoo Customisation Approach

Amplify your business efficiency and agility with bespoke Odoo development in Dubai tailored to fit your needs.  


Evaluation of the problem

A comparison study is conducted to find the shortcomings of the existing and advantages of the new idea to incorporate.


Development & Customization

Effectively combine special modifications and customizations to the final application using Odoo software.



We help you integrate Odoo ERP software on the technical and functional elements of the completed Odoo customization.


Report Preparation

Monitor the Odoo ERP implementation and gain real-time insights to generate custom reports on the various features of the solutions.


Maintenance contract

Our Odoo ERP customization solution operates smoothly across all departments and supports software maintenance. 


Guaranteed Quality

Improved versions of the Odoo customization product from the expert Odoo software providers in Dubai are subjected to quality analyses by the team of quality analysts for functionality and problem identification.

Open Source (No Lock in)
Truly Comprehensive
Simply Modular & User Friendly
Lower Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

Best Odoo ERP implementation and customization in Dubai

We provide best & reliable Odoo implementation and customization services which businesses need to function flawlessly. Customized to each business’ specific needs, we’re experts in creating the seamless experiences that users expect.

Odoo developement with Webcastle in most efficient way

WebCastle is an open-source Odoo development in Dubai. We have extensive experience in configuring and customizing ERP solutions for small and mid-sized companies.

Simply Modular & User friendly

It is highly modular. You can start using Odoo / Open ERP with a few modules and add more later as you need while keeping the benefits of an integrated solution.The Odoo Solutions are much more user friendly than any other applications.

Minimum cost required in Odoo Customization

Often companies make the mistake to see an ERP system as a cost center and fail to see the potential for these improvements. With no license fees, you can spend your budget on your implementation and customization, if needed. Odoo / OpenERP guaranteed migration services for a fixed fee is unique in the industry.

Best Odoo Customization In Dubai

It is not only an easy to use software, it also highly flexible. Odoo / OpenERP can be tailored to fit your company’s specific business requirements. In a highly competitive and fast changing world, companies like yours need to constantly push and innovate to keep pace with changing business scenarios.

Odoo Software Customization Services in Dubai

Odoo customisation services call for enhancing the functionality and performance of your business. WebCastle offers the next-level Odoo development services to prospects and customers alike. Our team of experts make a fully functional ERP coupled with custom functionalities. Their leveraged skills equipped with technical skills curate the best possible solution for the industry. We, the web development company, deploy solutions built with diverse Odoo development capabilities. 


Custom ERP Services


Odoo Implementation

We help clients reach their potential with Odoo implementation. Our comprehensive Odoo implementation unlocks the value of the ERP application and promotes a long-term relationship with the client. 


Odoo Integration

Our Odoo integration covers modules like CRM, accounting and third-party software. For any business, Odoo integration is a significant achievement and tends to render an understanding of the business activities, prerequisites and practices.  


Odoo Support

In case of any immediate Odoo support, we have the skills and experience to deal with your business planning needs. We work outside the box to set up your business processes and tweak them to attain the best results and support over time. Our round-the-clock Odoo support provides you with comprehensive assistance.


Odoo Training

Our winning Odoo ERP solutions bring impressive productivity and revenue to your business. We, the Odoo software provider in Dubai, deliver compelling solutions to meet the complex problems and contracting needs in the ever-emerging market. 


Odoo ERP Modules

Our Odoo customisation services are crucial in integrating all the departments into Odoo ERP systems. WebCastle, the Odoo company in Dubai brings all the essential data from the different departments to a single interface. 


Production Management

A module to handle all the manufacturing and assembly operations by scheduling everything perfectly. Get advanced functionalities embedded with comprehensive yet simple interfaces. 


Inventory Management

This module helps you manage inventory so that you can increase the stock level. It will meticulously take into account every detail of every single process tracked with Odoo ERP. This can even bring the possibility of payment automation. 



The accounting module takes control of every aspect of accounting and provides a simple interface for every functionality. From analytics accounting to consolidation we let the user tally every datum.


Human Resources and Payroll

This module helps you manage and track HR operations in real time. Our Odoo ERP module effectively keeps track of progress in talent acquisition and payroll functionality. 


Point of Sales

Our developed POS module can instantly integrate with every single transaction and real-time stock update. Its easy integration with other ERP systems allows it to perform every single operation more easily than before.


Project Management

The flexible project management schedules new tasks and deadlines that require a follow-up and lets you handle multiple projects simultaneously. Get each and everyone to communicate and keep track of the process while keeping track of time.

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