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We are expert brand story tellers with an eye to your bottom line.

Animated Explainer Video Company in Dubai

Our team of expert storytellers conducts in-depth research about your business to deliver the best Explainer videos and Animated videos for your business. Our explainer video service in Dubai has made a benchmark for delivering the most effective videos that turned beneficial for many small and medium-sized businesses.

Story awakening + Strategic Consulting
Brand Messaging
Visual Concepts + Vocal Talent
Motion Design + Sound Design


Let’s face it: Sometimes the creative process can seem a little cluttered. A bit messy. But webcastle’ve designed our animated video production process to be organized, efficient, and enjoyable – without sacrificing one iota of quality! And it’s collaborative – we combine our own unique insights with our clients’ wisdom every step of the way.


We’ll stop at nothing to reach a deep understanding of your company’s core value. We’ll have you start with our Story Roadmap and schedule a Story Awakening conversation with you. Then, we’ll immerse ourselves in your public-facing media, your internal assets, sales decks… anything we can get our hands on to help us become your brand experts.


We already have a deep understanding of what you do. Now let’s turn it into a creative, engaging script that hits your target audience where it counts. We’ve got the know-how and experience to tell stories that stick, but we’ll tailor our writing to your brand’s unique insights and tone of voice.
This script is your unique value… in 60-90 seconds! By telling your best story, we’re building the foundation for a great video.


After developing your brand message, we’ll craft storyboards and style frames, based on your brand’s unique style and tone. We take the time to build up your video’s skeleton to ensure that we design the perfect images to match your message. This is where a lot of production companies cut corners – but it’s so important to ensure that your video is exactly right! We’re committed to quality and collaboration. This step is a big differentiator from many of our competitors, but we want our client’s to have a say in the creative process from beginning to end.


We work with some of the best voices in the business. We’ll hand-pick auditions of your script and help you choose the voice that says “This is us!”
After everything else is perfect, we’ll bring your video to life. This is the heavy lifting – Thousands of pieces broken down and reassembled into moving parts… we’re talking painstaking design, frame by frame, so that you get detailed, top-notch motion graphics that set you apart.
This is where you get excited. Really excited.


Now you’ve got a video you love, but we’re going to make it even better. We’ll design custom sound effects and a professional music track. Optional, but this is what completes your video and drives the messaging forward. Really great video producers don’t slack on quality, and it’s the little touches like these that take your video from good to awesome.


Once the sound design is complete, you get your brand new Explainer WebCastle’s video!
Share, enjoy and watch your business thrive. If you’d like us to help you get the most out of your new video, ask about our Launch Package! We’ll produce a comprehensive plan that will ensure you reach your maximum ROI on your new video.
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