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We help you source, cleanse, organize and interpret raw data into advanced business information through modeling and visualization

Big Data Analytics Company in Dubai, UAE

We are one of the top data analytics companies in Dubai that help businesses break down data silos and sort through vast amounts of structured and unstructured data to identify untapped opportunities by generating insights. The end result is enabling clients to make intelligent business decisions that drive performance and growth while managing risks. Our solutions range from data strategy and governance through the design, development, and implementation of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions. We are among the prominent business intelligence companies in Dubai that help you access information already contained within enormous stores of data, fuse it with external data from third-party providers and social networks, and integrate it with core business operations. We are among the leading big data companies in Dubai that offer insights into your strategy and processes, contributing to effective decision-making.

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Tools & Technologies

Microsoft Azure

Our Areas of Expertise in Big Data Analytics:

Our data engineering experts help organizations source, cleanse, organize and interpret raw data into advanced business information through modeling and visualization by implementing proper data governance strategy.

Enterprise Information Management

Is your data platform trusted or compromised? Does the outcome drive business value or confusion? The amount of data that companies are collecting is growing rapidly and it’s only going to increase. Let our experts help you develop a unified data platform turning your data into valuable information that is relevant, trusted and actionable.

Big Data/Data Warehousing (DW)/Data Lake

A data warehouse is a core component of BI and is the vehicle that delivers an enterprise view of your data. Today’s DW should manage both structured and unstructured data with consistency, security, and relevancy. Our solutions provide a trusted architecture that is scalable, can handle all types of data and exploit real-time performance when needed.

Data Governance

Your business decisions are only as good as the data that’s used to make them. Your data must be concise, accurate, consistent and accessible. We offer comprehensive expertise in all aspects of data governance; including assessments, processes, and information assurance. Let our experts get you on the path to a more effective data governance program.

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